The most powerful full web-based Company Management Portal to control productivity through 3 main pillars


Energy Intensity Index
Project Management
Energy Audit & Incentives Management


IT Proactive Security (Cybersecurity)
Business Organization
Contingency Management


On-Stream Factors
Avail Factors (OAF, MAF, UPAF, UAF)
Assets (CRT, ESS, FLD, BOP)

Main Features

  • Web based multisite architecture application

  • Asset based data organization

  • High customizable dashboards

  • Scalable application multi-module based

  • Expandability, additioning specific modules and increasing monitored points

  • Different presentation layer interfaces depending on the access profile

  • Top-down approach for much more detailed information

  • Information simplicity & global indicators for immediate data interpretation

  • Availability of documentation to survey support

Screenshots & Details

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  • Increase analysis capabilities related to energy consumption and performances of an industrial site
  • Account consumptions and costs related to each energy vector
  • Account center aggregations according to the Company needs
  • Focus on areas where efficiency improvements are more effective
  • Evaluate benefits of the energy efficiency projects
  • Monitor and account resulting benefits in a defined accounting period


Three main macro-indicators through appropriate logical combination to allow a more effective graphical representation in Dashboard.

The association “indicator-location”, will be made possible through the ability to select locations to be evaluated through a tree representation of the same asset.

Architecture of the Dashboard: a graphic dynamic structure with possibility to go up to 3 levels of detail of the specific indicators.

Top level of detail for specific technical profiles resuming all security details of a specific selected indicators.

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Total asset monitoring and details throught the most important availability factors, selected for location/plant/infrastructure/device:

  • OSF (On-Stream Factor)
  • OAF (Operational Avail Factor)
  • MAF (Mechanical Avail Factor)
  • UPAF (Unplanned Avail Factor)
  • UAF (Upset Avail Factor)

and its main categorization:

  • Critical assets
  • Essential assets
  • Field assets
  • Balance Of Plant assets