The EFPIA solution is an end-to-end point-of-dispense coding and serialization system which allows pharmacists to check a unique identification code on each individual pack when it is dispensed to the patient. These codes are generated and applied by manufacturers using a simple 2D data matrix barcode, which contains the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), a unique serial number and additional attributes. The scan will reveal any duplication of data on packs and will trigger the system to immediately alert the pharmacist to the possibility of a counterfeit product.

A GS1 DataMatrix bar code symbol is a 2-dimensional (2D) matrix bar code, consisting of black and white “cells” or modules, that can be arranged in a square or rectangular matrix. It’s the preferred two-dimensional (2D) matrix bar code symbology that efficiently meets all of the needs of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, by:

  • Allowing the encoding and marking of a greater amount of data within a smaller space
  • Enabling direct part marking of trade items where labels may not be practical (small medical / surgical instruments)
  • Allowing the printing of variable information in a bar code data carrier, at high production rates
  • Providing error detection and correction capabilities to improve the readability of bar code symbols despite irregular packaging or physical damage to a label

Main Features

Users access the application through the identification of an authorized profile (UserID and Password) and interact with the functionalities of management, generation and printing (also via external Providers) of Data Matrix Codes.

User Dashboard

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Users have their own dashboard with the list of all generated codes up to that time, with their relatives states. Through this dashboard they will be able to view the generated codes before, re-acquiring and sending them to the Supplier also in deferred mode.

New Code Generation

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For the new codes generation according to the GS1-GTIN standard, Users have a specific function that will require detailed data for Unique Code Identification, the Associated Product, the related Batch/LotNumber and the Supplier’s choice to whom to send them.

Capability to create the 2D barcode “Ready-To-Print”!

Suppliers Management

Managing Suppliers to send print codes (if required). The Supplier’s identifier will be used in the code generation form. This will also allow you to create the Authorizer’s access profile to the section dedicated to it.

Users Management

The Users Management function is also available, but only for “Administrator” profiles. This feature will allow you to manage the various access profiles as well as the roles to which the various users can be aggregated.

Audit Trail

The Audit Trail feature will allow tracking of all the activities that users do within the application, recording in addition to the basic information, all the actions that they did during the login session.

Asset Management

Loading pharmaceuticals assets through massive upload from files (e.g. Excel or Text). Link for automatic alignment through integration with existing CMS or ERP systems (e.g. SAP).